The International Institute for Animal Ethics (IIAE) was established in The Netherlands in 2015 by Ms. Marloes van de Goor. Today, and thanks to a great and mostly remote team of professors, professionals, volunteers, and students we are able to bring change in the lives of animals and humans alike.


Those who change the life of one change an entire world. 

IIAE is proud to work on a variety of projects. From ethical reviews to online courses, IIAE is working at the crossroads of business and academe. 

Our mission is to spur intra- and interspecies coexistence. In other words: we help nature, humans, and animals live side by side. We do research, we teach, we create, we advise, and we assess businesses, universities, and destinations in order to preserve for future generations. 

Our office is located in between farms in Renswoude, an idyllic village in the center of The Netherlands. Daily, we are confronted by the need for our work – just by looking out of our office windows.

We are fueled by the love for the world around us and bring change in the best interest of humans and non-human animals.