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IIAE's History

The International Institute for Animal Ethics (IIAE) is the world’s first and only interdisciplinary International Institute for Animal Ethics. IIAE was first thought of in Jordan, developed in Iceland, and officially established as a non-profit in The Netherlands in 2015 by Ms. Marloes van de Goor, an ethical vegan for the last 20+ years.
Today, and thanks to our great collaborations with universities, professionals, staff and volunteers, we are able to bring change in the lives of animals and humans alike on a worldwide scale. 

Our mission is to spur intra- and interspecies coexistence. In other words: we help nature, humans, and animals live side by side. From assessments and ethical reviews to research and our online courses, IIAE is working at the crossroads of business and academe. IIAE executes all her work according to state-of-the-art science and technology. With the outcome, we help students, businesses, universities, and destinations to take the next step in their sustainable development for a better world. 


IIAE is located in between farms in Renswoude, an idyllic village in the center of The Netherlands. Daily, we are confronted by the need for our work – just by looking out of our office windows. 

30+ Online Courses

Through our 30+ excellent courses, and in-person training, you can learn anywhere. Together with others that are curious and fueled by the love for the world around us, you become part of a well-educated movement of people that know and want to act in the best interest of humans and non-human animals.

IIAE Alumni

Upon completion of your curriculum at IIAE, you are welcome to join our Alumni Network. A welcoming, warm group of people dedicated to make this world a better place. As an Alumni you will receive special invitations, opportunities and you will be the first to know the latest. 


The International Institute for Animal Ethics is grateful for the collaboration with the following universities and faculty. 


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