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We are Pioneers

We walk roads that haven’t been walked before. Why? Because we know all animals speak their own language. That we cannot understand, doesn’t mean we don’t have to listen. Devoted to the life of the individual, we are working hard to bridge gaps and enhance coexistence. From assessments and education to starting innovative research projects and ethical reviews: we work in the best interest of humans and non-human animals alike. 

We are guided by ethics

Humans and animals exist for their own reasons. Every individual was born to live and has the right to exist. However, humans and animals are not always treated accordingly. Many are denied the rights to decide about their own body, comfort, and lifespan. This has, for starters, serious psychological consequences. Animals don’t own anything except for their life. And still many people manage to steal it and turn it into suffering and agony. We are here to stand up for every individual. No matter how big, small, loved or unwanted. And yes, we are here to stay. 

We Provide Solutions

IIAE is able to provide solutions for a wide variety of challenges. From conducting welfare assessments to monitoring habitat loss, and from making a sustainable development strategy to ethical reviews. IIAE executes research, assessments and ethical reviews in order to find the right answer to current and future challenges. 

We are IIAE

We are the world’s first and only international institute for animal ethics. Our mere existence brings change – and we are here to stay for future generations.

Assessments & Reviews

We globally assess performance on criteria related to animal ethics and sustainability. We are guided by ethics and devoted to the existence of the individual.


We execute research, assessments and ethical reviews in the best interest of humans and non-human animals. With the results, we advise experts, businesses, universities, and governments on a local and national level.

Data & Reports

IIAE holds the world’s biggest database related to animals. Our data enables our clients to correlate and spur change.

Education & Training

We offer +30 online courses to enhance your career, work towards an academic agree or to strengthen your professional profile. We also provide in-person training. 


We are building Viami: a user-friendly and independent online portal that helps consumers, businesses, and governments to improve their sustainability score and take better care of our one shared planet and all alive. 

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