Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships & Financial Aid

The International Institute for Animal Ethics offers a variety of scholarships and financial aid designed to help you pay for learning or working with us. Scholarships and financial aid are fully or partially funded by our generous donors and alumni. 



A full scholarship paying for one introductory online course at IIAE. 


A scholarship paying for half an introductory online course at IIAE. 

Financial Aid

Charities and non-profits looking to receive training or work with us, qualify for discounts and payment in terms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I apply for a scholarship or financial aid?

You can apply for a scholarship or financial aid throughout the year. Our courses have vast and flexible starting dates. In case you want to take a course with a vast starting date, please check our online calendar for the earliest starting date and apply at least three weeks before.

When do I hear back regarding my application?

Upon receiving all required documents, we will make a decision within two weeks.

I want to pay for my own course, but I can't really miss any money right now.

We happily arrange a payment plan for you. Payments may be due over the course of six months.

Can I sponsor a scholarship?

Thank you for considering supporting a student to learn at the International Institute for Animal Ethics. You can certainly sponsor a full or half scholarship or contribute to financial aid for one of our projects. In return and upon agreement, we happily add your name to the sponsor profile of the student or project. Please contact us to make arrangements.


In order to determine your eligibility for a scholarship or financial aid from IIAE, you have to submit the following documents: 

  • Your CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • A valid student ID or an Annual Report (for a non-profit)
  • The course(s) you want to take
  • The type of aid you wish to receive

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