Volunteer at IIAE

We are glad you identify with the mission of the International Institute for Animal Ethics. You can volunteer both online and offline in any area of our work. Do you like to dedicate your expertise to our research? Do you want to teach a course? Or do you want to help with collecting data or our courses? If we are a match, we will find a solution that will create a win-win. 
We value your personal and professional development and although we don’t offer any financial compensation, you will earn points for every month you volunteer, leading up to discounts and even free courses.
In order to apply as a volunteer, please submit the requested documents. 

Requested Documents
  • Your CV
  • Your motivation letter
  • Your intended work
  • Your availability (weekly/monthly hours, period and on/offline)

You can apply throughout the year at contact@instituteforanimalethics.org

Internship/Thesis Opportunity

Do you want to do an internship or write your thesis at IIAE? Then please submit the above documents as well. 


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